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How the church plays hero in anti-trafficking and anti-slavery

church plays hero in anti-trafficking

When it comes to religion and the church, there are many values that are instilled in us – but it can be said that its foundation is the value of life. Anti-trafficking and anti-slavery are just two of the biggest issues that the Catholic church continually fights as an effort to alleviate the injustices towards man. The Thrive Community Church, a church in Sutherland, is just one of the many institutions that are visibly fighting for the cause. Although it is not as prevalent as before, the issues mentioned above still maintains to this day, but in different and timely ways.

The power of religious institutions

Religion plays a big part when it comes to human rights issues such as anti-trafficking and anti-slavery, that’s why a church in Sutherland, is working overtime to create noise and to voice out their advocacy. Those who have fallen due to these two heinous issues usually find solace and hope through religion, as they see this as a means of salvation from what they currently going through. The premise of believing in a savior is usually what prevents them from giving up and giving in to their struggle.

Many would think that anti-trafficking and anti-slavery wouldn’t exist to this day, but it is definitely in a different and more modern form now. It may be through prostitution, forced labor as house help, and labor for those who are under legal age. The Thrive Community Church, a church in Sutherland, alongside other religious institutions with different beliefs, has united together in fighting the big evil which is the devaluing of human life.

Beyond the church

The Thrive Community Church has different methods of saving those who are victims of anti-trafficking and anti-slavery. They can use education, therapy, and as expected, prayer in trying to get them out of their current situation. A lot of non-government organizations have advocacies that are focused on humanitarian efforts. Some of these are Oxfam International, which fights against poverty and injustice towards those who are maltreated in any way, and Swiss Solidarity Foundation, which assists any person in the world who faces discrimination regardless of cause and who they are. Many of these NGOs are highly funded and they create a ripple of actions that result to huge help.

How one can help

Anti-trafficking and anti-slavery are issues that must be continuously combated. One could be not a member of any religious institution to act on it, as anyone with a heart and a sense of humanity could do their part. The Thrive Community Church, a church in Sutherland, is just one of the many outlets that could enable an individual to help, but anyone who is anywhere could b a catalyst of change. All individuals must be a defender of human rights, as they should see the life of others as valuable as their own.

If one is interested in helping fight for human rights and the issues mentioned, they should not hesitate in approaching foundations and NGOs that have the same cause. Religious foundations are sure to have humanitarian efforts as well.

Religion and Personal Development

spiritual healing

Sometimes in life people are faced with different challenges that would require inate solutions to solve. To have the ability to overcome these problems, an individual must first of all navigate through personal shortcomings. Asking for help is always a good thing but it can only be meaningful when we are in a state of mind to objectively process advises and possible solutions. Robert Kirby Sydney‘s legendary life coach, has clearly talked about the importance of religion and spiritual healing in the personal development of human beings.

Importance of personal development

Personal development equips one with the ability to tackle life’s challenges and even in the face of hopelessness, find a way to rise from the tragedies. However, this type of development does not come overnight. It takes time and a lot of soul-searching for one to have the mental discipline to find solutions to problems from within. There are psychological issues like depression, stress and anxiety that can sometimes crawl into the life of a person and hinder him or her from pursuing personal goals and achieving success. Some of these issues are caused by things in life that human beings have no control over. Things like the death of a loved one, the breaking down of a marriage, health problems and inability to find happiness can all lead to stress and depression.

Religion and spiritual development

Quite often, the connection between religion and personal growth has been spoken about. There are times when to personally develop, one must undergo spiritual healing. The best place where one can have a personal relationship with God and try and understand the happenings in life is the church. Religion gives people an avenue to try and understand the flow of life and accept the things that we cannot change. Religion can help us learn the things that really matter in life and in the process cultivate a strong mindset that isn’t easily disoriented by challenges in life. Through religion and the church, one can develop a sense of self-worthiness. This will lead to a high self esteem which provides the necessary confidence required to chase after personal goals and achieve success.

Spiritual healing for a more fulfilling life

A person who finds spiritual healing will also find it much easier to accept life’s tragedies like the loss of a loved one which can sometimes lead to stress and depression. Robert Kirby suggests that for humans to experience a more fulfilling and better life, there is need to invoke the spirit of God and overcome the limitations that have been introduced by the reality of the physical world. This is the basis of spiritual healing of human beings. Robert Kirby said that the deepest dimension of our humanity is the core of our existence and is also the source of healing, creativity and link with the divine. The physical world is seen to be objective and also fixed, always perceiving problems as caused by outside circumstances. To find true happiness, the change must start from within and the spiritual evolution will lead to personal growth.

Interesting Facts about the Church of SubGenius

church of subgenius

How much do you know about the Church of the SubGenius? It’s a parody religion from the United States that satirizes more famous religions. It uses a complex philosophy that centers on J.R. “Bob” Dobbs. He was supposedly a salesperson who lived in the 1950s. The church honors him as a prophet. Leaders of SubGenius have written several stories about Dobbs regarding his relationship with different gods and various conspiracies, which might be of interest to followers of various religions including Robert Kirby Scientology. Here are some critical need-to-know facts about the parody religion:

1. The religion was founded by Ivan Stang and Philo Drummond

They started the religion under the name “SubGenius Foundation.” The religion’s first activity involved photocopying a document called the SubGenius Pamphlet #1. It was distributed in Dallas, Texas in the year 9179. The pamphlet announced that the world was going to end, which could possibly result in the deaths of the readers of the pamphlet. The pamphlet criticized the beliefs about God that Christians held, and the perceptions about spirituality of the New Age.

2. Leaders claim that Dobbs started the group in the year 1953

Members of SubGenius created a complex story about Dobbs’ life, which is actually a work of fiction. They claim that Dobbs used telepathy to contact Drummond during 1972, and then met him in person during the following year. Supposedly, Drummond talked Stang into joining him soon afterwards. Stang refers to himself as Dobbs’ “sacred scribe” and as a maven of “weirdness.”

3. The church’s beliefs cannot be classified or put in a basic story

Many outsiders believe that this fact about the church is odd. The church has created a complex set of myths that involve gods, mutants, and aliens, which are often considered to be satires of other religions.

4. The main god of SubGenius is Jehovah 1

It is believed by followers of the religion that Jehovah 1 contacted Dobbs during the 1940s. Different stories mention that the meeting happened while Dobbs was constructing a TV or viewing late-night TV. Jehovah 1 gave him supernatural info about the future and past, and also granted him great power. Dobbs then gave serious questions to the alien, and he then received some odd answers. Some of their talks were based on a conspiracy. The church believes that the powerful conspiracy actually rules planet Earth.

5. Dobbs is believed to be perfect

This is according to the leaders of SubGenius. Because he is considered to be infallible, his name is always put in quotation marks. Dobbs is referred to as an “avatar,” and they believe he has died and been reborn several times. The main symbol of the church is a picture of Dobbs as he’s smoking a pipe. Stang had said that the image was from clip art found in Yellow Pages. The picture has been compared to Mark Trail, Ward Cleaver, and a salesman from the 1950s era. The religious book of the church refers to aspects of U.S. culture in that decade.

Spiritual Healing and Natural Healing Connected

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a direct connection to natural healing and healing ministries provide training tools for overcoming a grudge and getting set free of emotional sickness that results in physical sickness. Bitter and angry people may be able to hide their emotions internally but this will result in an inward toxic condition that eventually is seen in the physical breakdown of the body. Hiding your anger, pain, resentment and even dislike for others internally will be seen in your facial expression, your body posture, the health of your skin, the functioning of your internal organs, and can result in extreme conditions such as autoimmune disease and cancer. Holding toxic emotions within you will affect not only you but others as well. Your smile and your joy are treasured by others. When you are unhappy and lack joy that affects everyone around you.

Spiritual and natural healing are connected in the Bible: Hebrews 12:14 and 15 provides us with the knowledge that bitterness within our heart springs up causing trouble and that this trouble results in the defiling of many people. Others may openly display their anger or outrage at someone else’s wrongdoing this constant opens display of hostility. This expression of unhealthy emotions can damage relationships, destroy families, and as a result defile many people. Defile means to damage or destroy. We defile others by our attitudes and behavior as well as by “sharing” with them about our grudges, hostility, bitterness, and un-forgiveness. There is a difference between sharing with others to get set free from the emotional bondage and sharing with others to get their agreement. You may have unknowingly come into agreement with bitterness towards another person through someone “sharing” with you. This too is bitterness and un-forgiveness that is hidden within your soul and that can also affect your health. Ministries are available which specialize in assisting individuals in locating internalized un-forgiveness that may be at the root of their physical ailment.

Mark 11: 25 And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. Grudges are “ought” in your heart. They are constant reminders that the other person did you wrong. A grudge is more common then you may think. You may find yourself resenting when good things happen for others that you feel do not deserve it. This is a grudge. This is a powerful weapon of the enemy in your life that is used to steal, kill, and destroy. Healing ministries teach and train on the foundation of freedom from these ill feelings and emotions and the results are often seen in physical healing as well as emotional healing and healed relationships.